Creativity, Connection and Community for People of all Ages through Music!

At GirlSing Summer Camp, we create a soulful environment that nurtures creative, self expression through group activities, singing and song/lyric writing and empowering individual and group art projects.  We sing songs with positive, empowering messages and give girls an opportunity to explore the songs/lyrics they love and "why" through song-synergy, lyric-listening and metaphor-simile exercises. In the spirit of self empowerment , GirlSing camp includes songs that point to the true nature of their inner beauty with related songwriting activities and self expressive art projects.  The songs we sing* (rounds, part songs, chants plus more-contemporary songs in a variety of genres) each have an empowering message.          

For more information about GirlSing, visit the GirlSing Website HERE. If you have an immediate Question, contact Kate Bryan directly HERE