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Kate & The AlleyKats play an eclectic mix of sassy swing, gutsy rhythm & blues, torchy ballads -- with some classic rock, country and americana rounding each gig. Lead Singer, Kate Bryan is entertainer to the core, with a contagious energy and crowd pleasing vocals that make every performance a special and memorable occasion. Playing guitar, conga, percussion and clarinet, Kate’s passion for song is be spiced with Cliff Demanty's hot keys and Ron Schimpf's running bass lines, 

The band most often plays as a trio (Kate, Cliff & Ron). For dances, weddings and major public events, "The Kats" expand their sound with Mike Gurzi (Electric/Acoustic Guitar) for "rippin' great" guitar riffs and Adam Greenberg (Drums) for "kickin' It" drum licks! Kate is a well-known musician, entertainer, and Music Together teacher in the Bozeman area -- best known in the past as a singer/musician in the The Voodoo Hotdogs with Sweet Relish and The DupliKates. Cliff DeManty DeManty plays virtually any style of music that comes his way and prior to moving to Bozeman from California, has been a traveling musician and Yamaha sales director for over 35 years. Ron Schimpf is a well-know and sought-after musician around Bozeman having played with numerous bands including Running on Empty and The DupliKates.  

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